SteelBird Rewards

SteelBird Rewards App

SteelBird Rewards App was developed to help SteelBird to interact with the public and engaged them and promote their services with return to rewards to the potential customers. SteelBird Rewards App used by SteelBird Organisation to organise the events and create a database of the customers and also tracks the rewards given and help them to manage the database through backend in their future events.

SteelBird Tyres Partners App

SteelBird Tyres Partner App helps in tracking the SteelBird’s Product sales and their warranty status. SteelBird Partner App enable the SteelBird Organization to keep track of the entire sales cycle with their Distributers, Retailers and Mechanics also at the same time helps to manage their data from the backend so that they can provide excellent services to their customers by providing their Puncture Doctor and tyre replacement services. Overall SteelBird partner App comes handy whether their Partners or Customers wants to track the warranty or offers and at the same time the SteelBird organization to keep track of sales and customer service.

Steelbird Partner

Iril Farms

IRIL FARMS APP was Developed to solve the End to End Purchasing and Selling of the fresh farm products from the farmers to the end consumers. IRIL App is one of the best available online retail App to purchase and selling the Fresh farm products to date. IRIL App makes the fresh farm products shopping easier by integrating the product Inventory and Website which helps the IRIL Farms to manage and track the daily sales, Customer Data, Feedback and Inventory at the backend and also makes the shopping a seemless and easy experience for the users both at the same time.

Made EasyFeedback System App is very Important for this intitution and so in the case of our prestigious client Made Easy they can rely on this completly. They Wanted a Feedback also a review rating system for their students so that they can asses their resources and Management can manage and shuffle them based on thier feedback. Made Easy Feedback system empower the students and fill the gap between the communication of the students with the management. This App also in the process of development and will enhance its features which will provide the real time data sharing from faculties/Management to the students and notifications and important updates related to their classes, faculties, offers, jobs and many more. This is just not an app for the organization it is an asset for them which they can rely on.

MadeEasy Feedback


Smart Valet Parking App is an Innovative Idea which took place in the mind of our client and WappLabz makes it a real deal for them. This Innovative product helps the parking system a breeze for the management throgh which they can track and manage the cars and car parking with the help of real time data. Smart valet comes integrated with the Smart Manager App and Admin Backend panel. This app ensures that customers can get the valet parking without loosing their parking tickets and helps them to demand their cars so that the car will be ready before their arrival. This also helps the parking management to manage the valets information like their attendence, location, car parked and many more. Overall this Smart Valet facilitates the end to end demand of the valet parking system with securing customer car.

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