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WappLabs is a website and app development company based in Noida, India. We have great expeerience in the field of website and app development, we have a efficient team of professionals. We provide solutions for diffrent type of website and apps in diffrent technology. Our priority is to understand your project and deliver it at deadline.

Experience you can take to the bank!

When it comes your website, an integral part of your business, would you trust a web designer that’s only developed a handful of websites? We hope not. Avid Web has created or taken part in thousands of website projects over the last decade and has both the knowledge and experience to know what we’re doing, and to provide you with the level of expertise you require.
We don’t just crank out the same website over and over; our portfolio includes a wide range of industries, themes and styles. We are flexible, responsive and dynamic. We can bend ourselves into most any shape required to put together the best website possible for your business. Not only do we create our own websites, we are a online marketing agency with programmers and graphic designers to handle the various segments of your website(s). If you are ready to do this right the first time, we can accommodate your business website needs!
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How We Work?

It’s no longer okay to create a one-width website or a single-browser interactive ad. You need design that can fit the unique styles of each browser, mobile device and whatever else you use to access the internet. Thus, we strive to accelerate the production process, rapidly expediting each of the steps, while maintaining quality web development services. Below we’ve outlined the typical website development process:


It's easy to make a website for no one, but we'd rather make your website for actual people. That's why we focus our initial website development strategy on gathering information about you and your organization. Many things need to be taken into consideration when the look and feel of your website is created. It involves a good understanding of you-what your business does, what you want to achieve, the target audience and the outcomes those audiences expect, type of content, your competitors and how the web can be utilized to help your business or organization.


The define phase is aptly titled. You must begin defining user needs, goals you desire to accomplish, and your plan for positioning yourself among the competition. Determining the user needs first is crucial. You can develop, what you believe to be, a great product or service. But if the end-users don’t have a need for the product or service, your product/service will not survive. We know that if you have done adequate research in defining your product and it’s competitive positioning, you will have taken the key initial steps in continuing onward and upward with a successful product.


After the designs are agreed upon, the files are transferred to in-house web developers who start to turn the design into a functioning website. We hire web developers who understand design too and work to ensure that we bring our designs to life. Once the various layouts and custom functionality are developed, our developers will begin to build out the various levels of website structure (without content initially) so the website can begin to be navigable. At this stage, the website will be accessible by you via our development server where you will be able to click around and see your website coming to life! You can suggest any additional changes or modifications you would like done.

Want us To Design your next Awesome website?

We breathe imagination and innovation into your brand and never lose focus from the ultimate endgame, be it making money on the web or boosting your marketability. Please click the Free Quote button, to request a free estimate on your web design or development project, or call us at +91-7042280033.

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